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This book was inspired by Barbara Walters in April, 2006. In memory of her father, Lou Walters, the owner of the famous Latin Quarter.
legs galore scene in bar
Patsy’s Restaurant the home of the Latin Quarter Stars 236 West 56 St.
SAL SCOGNAMILLO, Owner and Academy Award winning Chef
From left: Margo Mayor, Jane Freed, Sal Scognamillo, Dr. Philip Terman (Photographer) and Mrs. Toni Carroll Terman
Toni Carroll Terman, stunning, multi-talented author, entertainer
Brazen and brave, Toni Carroll, a teenager born in St. Louis, Missouri (after a childhood spent in Italy),l traveled to New York City to apply for a job at the famous and fabulous Copacabana nightclub at 10 E. 60th St. The rest, as they say, is history. Toni Carroll became one of the famous Copa Girls and, later, a Latin Quarter Singer, under the tutelage of Lou Walters. She had a brilliant career as an entertainer, nightclub performer, as well as recording artist for MGM Records and RCA Victor. In this book, she recounts the story of her rise to stardom and shares the stories of other Latin Quarter girls and stars, and where they are today.
Toni has been a guest on the Johnny Carson TV show, and with Joe Franklin, Regis Philbin, Joan Rivers, etc. and recently, on The View, Entertainment Tonight, and David Letterman with Barbara Walters from ABC TV, singing the original theme song of the fabulous Latin Quarter “So this is Gay Paree.”
Toni is married to Dr. Philip Terman, Director of Advance Education in General Dentistry at Columbia University, New York City. Dr. Terman is also an accomplished Jazz musician. His Jazz Quartet appears at the famous Friars theatrical club located at 57 East 55th Street. Toni is the guest singer.
Toni Carroll Terman is the author (with her husband Dr. Philip Terman) of Copacabana Sexcapades (2005), Laugh Your Fat Off (2003) and Legs Galore (2008). These books are available through Infinity Publishing, call (877) BUY-BOOKS (877-287-2665). Toni’s books, albums and CDs are also available on Yahoo and Amazon.
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