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The items below are available for purchase. Another exciting new addition is our, Toni's & Philip's, availability for Lectures regarding the book "Laugh Your Fat Off". Below the product list please note all the details regarding this 'Special Lecture' offer. Please use the 'Available at: links' to go to the specific sites where you can purchase them. I know you will be quite happy with these wonderful & memorable items; the books will give you a great read and a lot of humorous events to share with your friends, the CD will bring you hours of enjoyment, and the 'Lectures' will bring great insight, a slimming experience forever, and Dr. Terman's 'Healthy Teeth and Discriminating Taste Buds' will change your life in so many wonderful ways!

Thanks for visiting with me and sharing in my 'wonderful' life!

Warmest Regards,

~ Toni ~

Title Description Available at:
An entertaining and informative look at the Copacabana and those who worked there.
A very humorous and helpful book regarding weight loss and enjoying life to the fullest.
A brand new book inspired by Barbara Walters
A wonderful and beautifully mastered CD of Toni singing the great hits of the 20s, 30s and 40s.
Multiple "Promo" pictures of Toni with many of the stars you're sure to recognize.


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Toni Carroll Terman, Author of Latin Quarter Book - Soon To Be Released

Toni Carroll Terman, Author of Latin Quarter Book
"Soon To Be Released"

48th & Broadway, NYC
Location of the famous 'Latin Quarter'
Renamed "Lou Walters Way"

~Glamour & Legs Live Forever~

Toni Carroll Terman, Author of Latin Quarter Book - Soon To Be Released
Original Dancers & Singers:
Toni Carroll Terman - Jane Freed
Diana Chesmel - Margo Mayor
From the book "Legs Galore" by Toni Carroll Terman
Laugh Your Fat Off Book Cover

These pictures were taken aboard the Queen Mary II on a recent book signing and lecture series, with Q&A, by Toni and Dr. Philip Terman . The lecture consisted of a discussion on the book "Laugh Your Fat Off" by both Toni and Dr. Philip Terman. Dr. Terman also gave a speech about Healthy teeth and discriminating taste buds.

Toni & Dr. Terman are both available for lectures and Q&A. For bookings, please call (212) 581-2099. They are also featured at the NYC Friars Club as seen below.

Phil & Toni on the QM2
Toni & Phil aboard the QM2
Dr. Phil Terman
Friar's Club Ad for Toni & Phil

Philip W. Terman DDS PC

Director of Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Columbia University in New York City

Contact Info:
College of Dental Medicine
630 West 168th Street
PO Box 20
New York, N.Y. 10032

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