I've heard it said that inside everyone there's book just waiting to be written. Being true to form - one just wasn't enough. "Copacabana Sexcapades" and "Laugh Your Fat Off" were definitely waiting to be written and here they are! They are both available to purchase on the 'Shopping Mall' section of the site. "Laugh Your Fat Off" is one that I co-authored with my husband Dr. Philip Terman and is sure to make you laugh, appreciate life, and, best of all, help you to 'Get Thin'. "Copacabana Sexcapades" is dedicated to my mother and all her wonderful guidance and confidence in me and was also made possible by my mentor and dear friend Doug Cody who's constant inspiration and belief in me helped me to 'get this book out of my soul'. Enjoy the brief over views of each below.

~ Toni ~

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Copacabana Sexcapades Book

I grew up at the Copa. I was able to tell the season of the year by the Copa. When Joe E. Lewis opened it was fall. September was when New York came to life . We were off to the races, and the Copa was the Kentucky Derby of the nightclubs. Its stewards were Monte Proser, Jack Entratter, and Julie Podell. I was working at the Gaity Theatre on Broadway for Harold Minsky in 1940, the year the Copa opened. I wandered in one night, and never left. It became my home away from my real home, Lindy's Restaurant. It was not until the fifties that I played the Copa. I was thrilled. I finally headlined the palace of the nightclubs. Every opening night, Julie Podell, who managed the club, performed a ritual that became a legend. He would take the star of the show into the kitchen (while the opening act was on) and the rap his pinky ring on a table,a nd growl, "Boys - [and the name of the star]!" The chefs, cooks, waiters,a nd busboys would applaud while Podell stood there beaming (no small feat for Julie). It was tantamount to being knighted by the queen - it was the Copa Oscar. Podell was wise. It broke the tension and it assuaged the trauma of opening night nerves. I remember my opening, walking out on the floor to the strains of my musical number, the "Ho Ho Vamp," wearing a beautiful gray tuxedo. Before I could open my mouth, my pal, comedian Jack E. (Fat Jack) Leonard yelled, "There he is folks! Red Buttons!. A Jewish Confederate soldier!" The house broke up. I broke up. It was smooth sailing from then on - that's what friends are for. The Copa was a joy to work, not only because of the physical set-up of the room - so intimate you could hear the ringsiders breath, it wa a joy because it attracted the sharpest, hippest, most diverse clientele in the country. You name it; the Copa had it. Show business. Politics. The Fourth estate. Doctors. Lawyers. Indian Chiefs. It was the watering hole for the fur and shmahteh business. It was the oasis for good guys and bad guys. Park Avenue rubbed elbows with Delancey Street - democracy at work. It was bigger that the Big Apple. It was the top banana. And for icing on the cake, the Copa Girls were every red-blooded American boy's fantasy. Oh, and by the way, there was never a cover charge! When the Copa closed, it was the beginning of the homeless problem in New York, New York. When Kander and Ebb wrote, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere," odds are they were thinking of the Copa. I miss it. A lot.


A Hug,

Red Buttons

Laughg Your Fat Off Book

Until "Laugh Your Fat Off" I never realized that laughter could help you lose weight!Then, I thought about what a brilliant concept this is, because when you're laughing you --- Can't chew?!

I've been dieting all of my life. I'm trying to get back to my birth weight...7 Lb 2 oz!

I went for a cholesterol test...my number came back 911.

My wife comes up with a great diet...10AM...2 cloves of garlic...4PM...1/4LB of Limburger cheese...and from a distance - she looks thinner.

I would rather read "Laugh Your Fat Off", a witty, lighthearted approach to losing weight.

So enjoy the "thin" trip.

Freddie Roman, Comedian and star of "Catskills on Broadway" Dean of The New York Friars Club

To view a wonderfully hilarious and informative promo video for "Laugh Your Fat Off", created by and staring Toni and her husband Dr. Terman, please take a second
Laugh Your Fat Off Book Cover

These pictures were taken aboard the Queen Mary II on a recent book signing and lecture series, with Q&A, by Toni and Dr. Philip Terman . The lecture consisted of a discussion on the book "Laugh Your Fat Off" by both Toni and Dr. Philip Terman. Dr. Terman also gave a speech about Healthy teeth and discriminating taste buds.

Toni & Dr. Terman are both available for lectures and Q&A. For bookings, please call (212) 581-2099. They are also featured at the NYC Friars Club as seen below.

Pictures aboard the QM II
Phil & Toni aboard the QM II Dr. Philip Terman

Friars Club, NYC, Info

Dr. Terman's Jazz Quartet has been appearing at the Frairs Club, located at 57 East 55th St. New York City, for over 14 years. The next appearance will be in February 2010.

Philip W. Terman DDS PC

Director of Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Columbia University in New York City

Contact Info:
College of Dental Medicine
630 West 168th Street
PO Box 20
New York, N.Y. 10032
e-mail: pt2125@columbia.edu

For information about a brand new book by Toni that is now available click on: "Legs Galore"
It is avalble at Amazon.com

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To continue down memory lane with other Copa greats please go to the Shopping Mall section of the site, purchase both books, sit back relax, and be prepared to "Laugh Your Fat Off" twice!!


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