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Copa Girl - Latin Quarter Singer - Entertainer - MGM Recording Artist - and Author of:
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Copacabana Sexcapades

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Toni Carroll - Latin Quarter Book Author - Soon to be Released
Toni Carroll Terman, Author of Latin Quarter Book - "Soon To Be Released"
Lou Walter's Way  
Toni & Barbara
Mayor Bloomberg at 48th & Broadway - Renamed, "Lou Walter's Way"
Toni, lunching with Barbara Walters - 4/21/2006
48th & Broadway, NYC
Location of the famous 'Latin Quarter'
Renamed "Lou Walters Way"
~Glamour & Legs Live Forever~
Toni Carroll Terman - Author of Latin Quarter Book - Soon to be Released

Original Dancers & Singers:
Toni Carroll Terman - Jane Freed
Diana Chesmel - Margo Mayor

A Book by Toni Carroll Terman
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Along with her writing and singing, Toni is also available for "Lecturing" and can be reached at: 212-581-2099. She has currently lectured at such locations as:

  • Queen Mary II
  • Musician's Local 802 - New York City
  • the York Theater and the Senior Citizen's Center - both located in St. Peter's Cathedral - New York City - 54th and Lexington

Toni Carroll Terman - Latin Quarter Singer. The Latin Quarter was owned by Mr. Lou Walters, Barbara Walters' father. Mr. Walters was Toni's Boss and Mentor.

On 4/21/2006, Broadway and 48th St. in New York City, was renamed Lou Walters Way by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Toni was televised with Barbara Walters singing the Latin Quarter Theme "So this is Gay Paree".

Toni, Mayor Bloomberg, Barbara Walters, and Show Girls appeared on "Access Hollywood", "Entertainment Tonight", and "The View" a channel 7 television show in NYC. Did you see her?

While we're on the subject of Lou Walters, here is the original logo used for Lou Walters’ “Latin Quarter” program. It has been said that the artist's rendering of the beautiful girls, that appeared in the Latin Quarter, doesn't’t really do justice to their true beauty and poise. Most people, after seeing the performers would comment:

"The girls were even more beautiful than the picture!”

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Say hello to Toni:

Hi, my name is Toni Carroll Terman and, yes, I was a “Copa Girl and Latin Quarter Singer.” Thanks for visiting with me today and sharing in all the wonderful memories and ‘high-times’ I’ve had the pleasure of living!

After leaving home, St. Louis, Missouri, I found my way to the ‘Big Apple’ - New York City. The old song, “You’ve Come a Long Way from St. Louis” sure took on a new meaning for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely got more than I ever would have imagined. My luck just kept getting better and better and I found myself working at the famous Copacabana and Latin Quarter – I was a Copa Girl and Latin Quarter Singer! Imagine that! Working with America's top stars, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, etc., things just kept going up and up from that day forward. Acting in movies, recording musical selections from the past and present, a far cry from the operatic singing lessons I had taken, writing songs, and even co-authoring some wonderfully entertaining and helpful books with my fantastically talented husband Dr. Philip Terman.

After much friendly prodding, coaxing, and gentle nagging here it is, finally - a way to bring you some laughs, some trips down memory lane, beautiful music, classic video clips, an educational music CD package, a great and hilarious book to help you laugh your way thin. "Laugh Your Fat Off" - hooks to keep one slim forever. This wonderfully useful and humorous book can be purchased at AuthorHouse. com and Buy Books on the Another great read is Toni's recollections of her time at the Copacabana. This book, "Copacabana Sexcapades", can be purchased also at A brand new book, inspired by Barbara Walters, is "Legs Galore" and is also available at

The various areas of this web site should bring back some fantastic memories for many of you, reintroduce you to some of your favorite celebrities, and, often, have you laughing out loud. I know I sure enjoyed living these moments and I’m sure you will enjoy reliving them with me in our wonderful journey into the ‘Life of a Copa Girl’ and 'Latin Quarter Singer' . So let’s get going. Grab your mouse in one hand, a glass of your favorite beverage in the other, sit back and click along with me for the journey of a lifetime! At the top of this page you are reading you will find links to the various pages of the site. By clicking on them you be transported to pages full of wonderful and exciting things to see, read, watch, purchase, and listen to. Again, welcome to the wonderful joyful world of a very lucky and blessed Copa Girl!

~ Toni ~


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